Tuesday, December 13, 2005


RIP - Betsy Pickle

No, the Knoxville News-Sentinel's film critic did not die, but her career as a film critic seems to have passed away.

I have remained one of Betsy's staunchest defenders over the years. As a former film critic myself (in a time that seems eons ago), I found that Betsy's tastes and style seemed closely aligned with my own. Many called me crazy, but I resisted. That resistance has now surrendered. Upon the urging of my friends, I closely examined Betsy's reviews as this year progressed. I was about to write off Betsy when she touted the excellence of The Dukes of Hazzard, which was one bad ride that Roscoe should have driven off of a cliff. However, I gave Betsy one last chance at redemption. Surely she could laud some of the fine movies that were coming out this Christmas season, right?

Well, here is her review of The Chronicles of Narnia.

For what it's worth, the VOLConWife and I saw the film based on Lewis' masterpiece late Saturday night at the Regal Pinnacle 18 (best theater in the area - hands down). Narnia is one of the best films of 2005. (I will save my judgment as to if it was the best film of 2005 for the final week of the year, when I plan to release a "top ten" list.) Betsy is disappointed that it wasn't The Lord of the Rings. However, she seems fine that Aeon Flux isn't The Matrix (or even The Fifth Element), so there seems to be some sort of double standard in place. Also, Betsy writes:

"(T)he Christian symbolism and themes in the movie are there only for those determined to see them."

That's funny. The VOLConWife and I remarked as we walked out of the theater that only a moron could miss the obvious Christian allegory and characters. Even the little tykes exiting the theater with us got it, and they appeared to be just old enough to be in elementary school. Yet, Betsy didn't get that...

I'm not sure whether Betsy's steady diet of liberal ideology and "Big Brother 6" have eaten away at her brain, but it seems that she can no longer be trusted for good film reviews.

Hasta la vista, baby. Like Fredo in The Godfather: Part II, Betsy, your reviews are dead to me.

My question is the same one I have had for many years - How does she keep her job??

Most everyone I know uses this rule of thumb - if she panned the movie, it's good and if she praised the movie, it's crap.
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