Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Memphis Election Results Must Not Stand

At least six dead people voted in the election between Ophelia (Sister of Harold and John) Ford and Terry Roland, a contest where Ford was certified the winner by 13 votes. Reports of election day voting fraud were traveling the news wires before even one vote was counted. One of the most notorious political families in all of Tennessee political history is involved, one that is not unfamiliar with threats and intimidation.

However, that may not be enough for the Tennessee Senate to act.

I suppose that I should take heart that a special Senate committee is even considering an appropriate action, although the remarks of Senator Michael Williams, the Republican leader of the committee, casts much doubt on whether an appropriate conclusion will be reached. Williams is worried about disenfranchising voters, which is ridiculous since a future election would do no such thing while a fraudulent one - as the last one certainly was - does disenfranchise those citizens of Shelby County who voted properly because it watered down their vote. The correct action to prevent a disenfranchisement, Senator Williams, is to conduct another election, perhaps with TBI monitoring.

I'm still waiting to be convinced that the work over the past few election cycles that resulted in the first GOP-led Tennessee Senate was worth the effort. All I have seen is Tim Burchett cozying up to the Democrats, Jamie (Hagood) Woodson shepherding Bredesen's education version of TennCare through the Senate against the advice of actual conservatives, no one wanting to pass tough ethics reforms, and John Wilder still able to make fascinating comments blasting the FBI and TBI in favor of (alleged) criminal activity from his perch as Lieutenant Governor.

This would be a good place to start acting like the majority party in the Senate. Let's not kowtow to a process that we know to be corrupt.

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