Monday, December 05, 2005


Hilleary questions integrity of Tennessee Right to Life

Blogging for Bryant has the story.

One of the comments following the B4B story has the situation pretty well summarized. If the moderates won't vote for Van (and they did not in 2002, without moderate/lib Bob Corker in the race) and the religious conservatives won't vote for Van (TRTL has over 175,000 potential voters as members), who is left to prop up his primary bid?

The problem with this race for conservatives is Van could take just enough votes away from Ed, that it would leave Bob as the Repubican candidate.
I think the best thing for your side is for Van to drop out and endorse Ed, and then I think it Ed would be the candidate. But if it remains as it is going, I think Bob will.
And today Van was endorsed by the Fre Enterprise Fund. Now chew on that, Huddleston!
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