Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ford's Family To Be His Downfall?

Blogging for Bryant opined yesterday that Harold Ford, Sr.'s delusional rants regarding his sister's race for the Tennessee Senate were sabotaging Harold Ford, Jr.'s campaign for the U.S. Senate. As usual, B4B is ahead of the curve.

In today's Commercial Appeal, the headline reads, "Ford Jr.'s Family Problems." Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis was quoted in the article as saying the following:

"Congressman Ford (Senior) has a history of making irresponsible statements. What I do know is that every time he opens his mouth is 100 less votes for his son."

Since Harold Ford, Jr. has decided to proudly stick by his family (see quote here), he might want to reconsider that MSNBC offer (if it is still on the table), as I doubt that this is the last time that we hear from his father during this campaign.

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