Thursday, December 15, 2005


Exposing the ACLU

Since many mainstream outlets are claiming that there is no movement afoot to minimize Christmas by such forces as the ACLU, I highly recommend this piece from Nedd Karieva. The argument presented by the ACLU is to point at the few cases where they happen to represent Christians (such as this piece by some troglodyte named Michael M. Bates) and claim the ACLU as the great defender of religious values in America. Karieva combats this argument with facts and cases, items that tend to confuse and frustrate liberal non-Christians. He shows that Christians only stand a chance of having the ACLU on their side if their Christianity is a minor issue in the controversy and the case fits into the grand plan and mission of the ACLU.

Read the whole Karieva article if you have the time.

This is off the subject of this post but I thought you might find this ebay site interesting:
Anonymous -

Yes, I have watched that fan-whore's auction over the past week. I was astonished when it reached $600, and then $900. Now it is just ridiculous.

If you don't want to cheer for the Big Orange anymore, fine, but don't whore out your allegiance for cash. If I wasn't a UT fan, I would certainly hope that my school wasn't the "winner" of the auction, because it seemingly cheapens the fans of that team as a bunch of mercenaries.


You obviously never read the article by Michael M. Bates. Next time, try looking beyond the first few sentences.
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