Friday, December 09, 2005


Demolition Derby Blogging?

Faced with a normal bout with insomnia and an abnormal break in what has been a busy week, I thought about catching up with the blog at 2 A.M. Just as I was doing so, a car (obviously traveling WAY too fast on a slick Woodlawn Pike) crashed into my neighbor's yard. It took 2 wreckers, 2 police cars, and an hour of time to raise the remains of the car onto the flatbed. I checked the road for black ice (there was none), but I think you can chalk this wreck up to college kids taking their lives - and the lives of others - into their own hands.

As I told the VOLConWife (who was awakened by all of the commotion), there's never a dull moment here in KnoxVegas!

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