Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Corruption in Tennessee Government? Shocking...

Bredesen's staff is now hiring an outside firm to "investigate" corruption and cronyism in Tennessee government. (I write "investigate" in quotes because when one pays $200,000 for a study, one usually gets what he pays for - in this case, a clean bill of responsibility. In this case, the irony is that there may be cronyism involved with the selection of the firm, which has contributed money directly to Bredesen through some of its top officials.) This is a one titanic waste of money.

Am I being too cynical? Perhaps, but I don't see why the hens should expect much when the foxes hire a third party to investigate how the foxes are entering the henhouse.

(This is the same line of reasoning why you haven't seen a post here regarding ethics reforms in the wake of the "Tennessee Waltz" indictments. Who really believes that the lawbreakers will pass rules that prevent them from breaking the laws? What's next - allowing the incarcerated to rewrite the Tennessee Sentencing Guidelines?)

Maybe with all the top level mgmt. in the THP steping down or being fired I bet we can probably save that much from payroll. Unless of course the pay is already being sent to another pocket.
How much do you think that Halliburton has contributed to the campaigns of Bush/Cheney?

Is that wrong?
Anonymous -

Are you alleging that the firm Bredesen chose is the only one that can manage the investigation, as Halliburton is the only corporation in the world that can complete the Iraq rebuilding?

Surely not...


...Still waiting for your side to give our side and all of us another option to Phil!

Where is he or she???? (Beth? Steve?)

There are literally thousands in Tennessee who may not know who they are voting for, but they know who they are voting against.
Sharon -

This came up at a little meeting I held at my office this morning with many GOPers from Knox County and West Tennessee. Rumor has it that Beth Harwell might be leaning against a race, but the Steve Gill rumors just won't go away.

Just my opinion, but Gill is the best option of the names being mentioned right now. He would beat Bredesen in debates (style and substance), and he's always impressed me with his passion and knowledge. Plus, he's the first radio personality to invite me on his show, so I naturally have an affinity for him. :)

Just throwing this out there, Sharon, but it did cross my mind - perhaps it could be to a particular candidate's advantage to shorten the run-up to the election by announcing late. Seriously, if a candidate with decent name recognition but less of a chance to outraise Bredesen in campaign funds was going to run, they would be smart to announce as close to the deadline as possible. That would give Bredesen the least possible time to spend his millions and narrow the affects of Bredesen's money, because, as you state, there are a lot of people willing to vote anti-Bredesen this year, no matter whom the GOP candidate is.

Just a thought.


I didn't know you were on Steve's show! I think Liz Garrigan said it best when she opined about him running.

I have a bet with two Republicans that John Jay will take 25-30 percent in the primary from protest voters.

I really wish Corker had run in the Governor's race. He could have matched Phil financially, and had a good chance of winning.

Hey--We'll trade our Dino for your Rino! :)
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