Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"Well, We're Comin' To Your City"

Last week, I made a point to purchase Big & Rich's new album, Comin' To Your City. The VOLConWife and I have been big fans since we saw the guys open for Tim McGraw at Nissan pavilion in Manassas in the Summer of '04. As usual, the opener was better than the headliner. Well, I was probably a fan of Big & Rich since they released "Wild West Show" off of their last album, Horse of a Different Color, but they vaulted to the top of my country chart, along with the rest of the MusikMafia (Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, Two-Foot Fred, etc.), after that concert.

I have been listening to the new album all week, so I feel comfortable in recommending that all fans of country/rock make the purchase as soon as possible. While the title track has received the most attention (probably due to serving as the music for ESPN's "College Gameday"), it might not be the best song on the album. In my opinion, "Leap of Faith" is a better song (with its stylings resembling "Wild West Show"), with "Slow Motion" also shining as an excellent effort. Other strong songs ("I Pray For You," "8th of November," "Blow My Mind") and a mix of fun tales ("Caught Up in the Moment," "The Freak Parade," "20 Margaritas") help make this one of the best and most diverse albums this year. There are a few songs that should get the fast-forward treatment ("Soul Shaker," "Filthy Rich"), but that's to be expected of any album these days.

I have added a link to purchase Comin' To Your City from Amazon on the sidebar.

So if you wanna lil' bang in your ying-yang, pick it up.

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