Monday, November 07, 2005


Virginia Shenanigans

It's sad when a story like this is the headliner the night before a dead-heat campaign comes to a close, but that is the way it works sometimes.

Here's my take: if I was on Kilgore's campaign and (as they've stated) didn't know about the phone ads from the Republican Governor's Association, I'm not pleased. You've run a decent race and, if turnout is high throughout the mostly-Republican commonwealth, you probably are enjoying a narrow victory this time tomorrow. That being said, you don't like rogue elements - even those that want to help you - creating controversy on Election Eve.

However, as a commentator not actively involved in the Kilgore-Kaine race, you have to love the ads. A statewide candidate's own words used to stir up regional support played in a different region where they will go over like the proverbial lead balloon - that's a new spin on classic politics. (Actually, as pointed out in the "Comments" on Commonwealth Conservative, these tactics have been used a few other times, specifically in New York.) In any case, it does prove the point that many conservatives have made about Kaine in Virginia - that he's trying to be Bill Clinton, all things to all people.

Now which Senate candidate here in Tennessee does that sound like...?

He's going to win, you know. Polls are good and getting better, money's good and getting better, and Bush is dragging the entire Republican Party down with him.
David -

Yes, if the "he" you are referring to is Jerry Kilgore, I suspect that he will win.

However, if the "he" that you are referring to is Flip-Flopping Ford, then we disagree on that point. He would be better off taking the MSNBC gig.


The Kilgore/Kaine race is close enough that I wouldn't hazard a guess. It will likely come down to turnout. This ad if effective at all won't generate votes for Kilgore but may weaken some Kaine turnout.

As far as Ford goes, his family connections and a growing anti-corruption sentiment will derail his senate campaign. He is better off sliming on TV for a couple years and then running again once he feels enough people have forgotten about his dad and uncle.
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