Thursday, November 10, 2005


Van Hilleary's Campaign Finance Problems

I'm with Blogging for Bryant - this looks bad for Van. Campaign finance compliance is not easy, but it really looks poor when a candidate who - rightly or wrongly - has been questioned about his intelligence commits such an error.

Van's supporters are spinning this as a misunderstanding or the error of a campaign worker. Either way, it shows incompetence.

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I agree with the last poster. He's absolutely right. Why won't you call Frist out on his reports? The stories have been reported all over. The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a story on it--"Frist's Finances Questioned" on June 12.

After Losing Hundreds of Thousands in Campaign Contribution in Stock Market, Frists 2000 Campaign Took on More Than $1 Million in Debt to Repay Frist for Loans to His Previous Campaign. Then, Frist took on debt to repay himself and the debt was misreported. The reprots tend to indicate that Frist 2000 was the actual borrower of the $1.44 million, and hid the debt by attributing it to the Bill Frist for Senate committee.

This is just one such example. In fact, one of many. So by your standards is Frist not just as guilty? I think so. And it would be hypocritical if you attacked Van for it but not Frist.
Is "tnforaconservativesenate" also Charles Badger or do they just copy each others comments and leave them on different blogs?

What is it about Van that attracts dishonest people?
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