Monday, November 21, 2005


A Tough Sports Weekend

OK, it was a tough couple of days. Thank God that my Chicago Bears beat Sports Illustrated's Super Bowl Champion Carolina Panthers to take a commanding lead in the NFC North. ETSU basketball looked awful. (For clarification - since the Knoxville News-Sentinel butchered the truth in their stories - UT's Chris Lofton played an outstanding game, Bruce Pearl's defense may be great in time but it didn't have anything to do with ETSU's unreal 33 turnovers, and there were at best 16,000 fans in attendance, not the 21,280 that UT officially announced.) UT football hit a new low (and the VOLConWife, a Vandy alum, is making sure that I never forget who beat the Vols to sink them to the lowest point in my lifetime).

After this weekend's debacle - along with the cumulative effects of 4 awful years of football - and listening on the radio to soon-to-be-announced Offensive Coordinator David Cutcliffe's mastery of Phil Fulmer's lame excuses, I have come to the conclusion that the problem with UT Football did not begin nor end with Randy Sanders. No, an entire change of attitude must occur. It's amazing that a Democrat like Fulmer can be so ultra-conservative when it comes to his profession. In order to save UT Football, we need to look elsewhere, and that starts with the man below.

Mike Leach gets the most out of less talent than anyone else in college football. He is quite intelligent, has a law degree, orchestrates a highly entertaining brand of offense, and might be willing to leave for the money that we can offer him. And we'll need that savings, since Phil Fulmer's buyout will cost UT nearly $4 million.

Of course, no BCS bowls in 4 years is costing the program more than that...

At least my alma mater, Northwestern, is finally having a decent season.
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