Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Tennessee Taxation Farce

It was good to see Nathan Moore blogging about the issue of the Tennessee executive branch trying to collect more sales tax than it is legally owed. I, too, had questions about the constitutionality of this attempted tax collection, and it is refreshing to see other conservative attorneys positing the same thing.

(Yes, I called myself an attorney there. Admittedly, it was difficult to do, but given my new venture into actual practice, I had better get used to it.)

Please read my comments to Nathan's post.
Aonymous -

I understand your arguments, but it still seems as if the area of Internet taxation is preempted by federal regulation.

Also, I fail to see how something that is not good for Tennesseans is good for Tennessee. Having now worked for the State over the past few months, I am strongly in favor of defunding the entire enterprise.


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