Monday, November 07, 2005


Should the TN Attorney General be elected?

I have often wondered why Tennessee doesn't follow the majority of states that allow for the citizenry to choose its Attorney General instead of 5 appointed judges. (Before you e-mail me, the judges of the Tennessee Supreme Court are appointed and then are given up-or-down retention votes, which does not make them elected in any sense as they do not participate in an election campaign as those in states such as West Virginia and Texas.)

Apparently, as reported by the Kingsport Times-News, some Tennessee legislators have been wondering the same thing. Kudos to Bill Dunn and Jeff Miller for taking on Naifeh's strange reasoning for keeping the power away from the people.

It must be awful to be the voters from the 81st District in Haywood and Tipton Counties, with your own legislative representative not believing that you have either the intelligence or the moral fiber to elect the state's top legal official.

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