Thursday, November 03, 2005


Ninth Circuit: Parents can't control their own child's sex education

The "Nutty Ninth" is at it again. Well, to be more exact, Judge Stephen Reinhardt, the uber-liberal judge of the Ninth Circuit that tried to rewrite the Pledge of Allegiance in the same way that he tried to rewrite the Constitution by striking the First and Second Amendments, is at it again.

The Ninth, in a complete misreading of Yoder, Troxel, and Meyer, has decided that parents do not have a say about how their children are taught subjects that fall under the purvey of a secular education - in this case, sex education in elementary schools. In reading the opinion (which can be read here), Reinhardt goes on to iterate that parents are only one controlling interest in the raising of a child. That must be news to libertarians in the Ninth.

This one is just begging for Supreme Court review. No wonder that the House has attached a reorganization of the Ninth Circuit to a spending-cut bill. It's refreshing to see the House taking this on again, as there was sincere interest in the splitting of the Ninth when I was last on the Hill in 2002. The Senate derailed the bill last year, keeping the citizens of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Arizona under the rule of the judicial tyrants of the Ninth Circuit. Hopefully, the citizens of these states can join the rest of us in the free world soon.

I think this is ridiculous!!!! One person should not decide for the entire country how a child will learn about Sexual Education. This topic can be very touchy for some families, religious groups, and cultures. Not everyone is on the same page therefore the parents should be the ones decideing how and what their child will learn. If they want their child to be out of the classroom during sex ed then it is their right to be able to do that no questions asked.
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