Friday, November 04, 2005


Being the lone conservative voice at The Daily Beacon

I know what it's like to be the lone conservative columnist at The Daily Beacon, the editorially independent newspaper of The University of Tennessee. That was my role from 2001-2002 during my stint in law school. It's challenging, but it teaches you to be precise in your writing, as liberals will go to great lengths to tear you down when they can't attack your arguments. (Just ask State Rep. Chris Clem and his encounter with a snot-nosed Georgetown lib.)

This year, it appears that honor falls to my friend and fellow member of Immanuel Baptist Church, Crystal Humphrey. Her latest column centers on the abortion debate on-campus and what it really means to be "open-minded." Take a gander if you have the chance.

MORE: John Brown (who, since his move to Boone, is now known as the "High Country Conservative") predicts that Crystal is going to ruffle some feathers. Probably true, and that's a good thing.

Great article! Give props to your friend! :o)
since his move to Boone, is now known as the "High Country Conservative")

What was he before that?
A.C. -

John's site was "What Can Brown Do For You?" while he was at UT. Now, it appears he is going on as "High Country Conservative," more than likely a reference to the dizzying altitude associated with Boone.


Liberals go to great lengths to disprove conservatives? I'm getting death threats! Hahaha. Na Crystal's great and a great writer. I'm glad she's with us this year.
Heya Rob,
I found your blog! Thank you for the link/kind words. I appreciate it (same to Mr. Rocky Top above!). Check out my ay article next Monday...I have a thing or two to say about the Cheney protest! ;)

See ya at church!

Aw, and thanks to Jon, too! I'm glad we learned to detect each other's jokes! ;)
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