Monday, October 31, 2005


Whopper of a Democratic Rumor

Blake Wylie has an interesting scenario involving multiple candidates and seats, as well as MSNBC. (Hat tip: Adam Groves.)

I'm with Adam in that I find this hard to believe. You can't involve this many people with this many gigantic egos and ambitions and have it all work out smoothly. However, if even some of this is true...

Very interesting. Harold Ford, Jr. as a TV host? Strange times...

These guys can't even stay consistent on their own falsehoods! Last week they had Ford dropping out and Purcell coming in. Now they have Ford dropping out and Cooper coming in. (Little do they know that Cooper has actually endorsed Ford!)

This is just another example of how the right wing tries to divert attention away from themselves.

They know their party is in serious trouble with all the legal problems and the failures that they have been in charge of. This coupled with the realization that they have no ideas or vision to run on is the reason the right wing puts out stuff like this.

They are willing to make up anythign to divert attention away from themselves and attack the Congressman.

They know that to be the case too.
I like how Chris copies and pastes the same comment on three or four different blogs.
Anonymous -

Be nice to Chris. He is very busy trying to graduate high school.


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