Thursday, October 20, 2005


Half a year of VOLuntarilyConservative

Yesterday, October 19th, was the half-year anniversary for this site. I have to admit that the first six months have been more successful than I could have ever hoped, with several wonderful opportunities brought about through VOLuntarilyConservative, including the liveblogging of Justice Sunday II, coffee with Grover Norquist, and the blogger premier of a major motion picture (Serenity). As I posted very early in this blog's history, I was given some advice by other bloggers not to become hooked on numbers of readers, as no good could come of checking each day to see what people read and what they did not. I have taken that advice to heart, although I am certainly appreciative of the more than 20,000 of you readers that have graced these pages for my opinions. If greater events and thoughts are produced through this blog in every subsequent half-year, then VOLuntarilyConservative will be a resounding success.


Congrats, Rob! You've done a great job!
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