Thursday, October 13, 2005


Drudge: "Secret Testimony" from Miers Slams Federalist Society

Read Drudge's information. If this turns out to be true (and, given Drudge's increasing credibility and the details he provides, I suspect that it is), it appears that not only did Bush nominate the wrong person for the job, but he may have nominated a politically-correct liberal who - with all due respect - has been blessed with merely average intelligence at best. (Anyone who thinks the NAACP is not a "politically charged" organization is either kidding themselves or simply not the sharpest tool in the shed.)

My confidence in the leadership our "conservative" President provides is shrinking by the day.

Probably more on this come...

MORE: More people each day are supporting the theory that this is a political maneuver by the White House based on the tidbits that come out each day about Miers and the Bush Administration's ghastly reactions to these telling snippets. Michael J.W. Stickings is one of those conspiracy theorists, labeling Miers as the GOP's Yoko Ono. (Hat tip: Michael Silence.) Captain's Quarters is in disbelief of the White House reactions, as well. Meanwhile, Donkey Stomp is asking for conservatives to wait until after the Senate Judiciary hearings to throw down on Miers. That only tells me that Donkey Stomp isn't familiar with how little Miers is going to divulge in the hearings. Besides, the confirmation hearings aren't supposed to be a job interview. The Executive branch - if it was doing its job - was supposed to separate the wheat from the shaft. For Republicans like Donkey Stomp who have done nothing but complain about the overbearing role of the Senate Judiciary and the Senate minority in obstructing nominees (quoting the "advise and consent" language) in the hopes of minimizing the Senate's confirmation function to now prop up the hearings as both the beginning and the end of the road to the United States Supreme Court is hypocritical.

EVEN MORE: Hugh Hewitt cites Karl Rove as proof that Miers is no sacrificial lamb. However, as I wrote after the announcement of Justice Roberts, I think that Hugh may be getting a little too close to the Administration to be relied upon as an objective opinion.

CAN YOU STAND MORE: John Fund (in the Wall Street Journal) backs Hewitt in saying that there is no conspiracy surrounding the Miers nomination. Unlike Hewitt, Fund has a convincing argument that this has been one gigantic blunder by the White House.

I actually prefer the conspiracy theory as opposed to gross incompetence, as I could sleep at night with the former.

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