Thursday, October 06, 2005


Conservatives rallying against Bush, Miers

Updating today's earlier rant, the Washington Post, Pat Buchanan, Washington Times, Peggy Noonan, and L.A. Times all reinforce what has been feared - President Bush's failure at the Supreme Court nomination process is hastening the fracture of the Republican Party. The "big tent" was already starting to show signs of fissure. I fear that we are approaching a crossroads where new leadership is needed to save the conservative plank of our Party, lest we sink back to minority status.

This battle isn't over by any means. However, we need a new vision disconnected from the forces in the White House to maintain our advantage and assure victory.

Many conservatives have been extremely disappointed in Bush's domestic record, and the Miers nomination was the last straw.
Michael -

EXCELLENT post! Thanks for linking to it.

I am removing my "Bush 2004" stickers from my car tonight (no matter how difficult that task is). The other conservative bumper ads can stay (NRA, Ed Bryant, Bill Jenkins), but staying with this Administration while still touting my conservative views paints me a hypocrite, and that simply will not do.


You conservatives got EXACTLY what you voted for. You're the ones who put him in office, so stop blaming him. Put the blame on yourselves where it belongs.
Anonymous -

Are you trying to put things into perspective? If you are, yes, I like Miers a great deal more than any of the communists Kerry would have nominated.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?


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