Thursday, October 13, 2005


Ann Coulter - My Schoolboy Crush

Thanks to Sharon Cobb for posting the transcript of Ann Coulter's remarks on this week's "Real Time with Bill Maher." I realize that I often reference the show here, but that many of my readers don't subscribe to HBO. (A question to those without HBO: what do you watch on TV? Seriously. HBO's "Rome," "The Sopranos," "Carnivale," "Deadwood" - plus "Inside the NFL," "Real Sports," and HBO Boxing - comprises the vast majority of my television schedule throughout the year. Yes, these shows are certainly "adult" in nature, but they also stimulate your brain with - gasp! - actual plot twists and superb writing. With the notable exception of FOX's "24", there simply isn't much else worth watching these days that isn't on HBO. In any case, that's my opinion.)

That brings me to another confession.

I love Ann Coulter. Yes, there, I said it. I'm sure that I'm not tall enough (only 5'9"), young enough (she seems to have something for Ben Shapiro, 21, whom Ann humorously supported for a Supreme Court nomination), or in possession of the academic pedigree (the University of Tennessee College of Law (#52) isn't ranked quite as high as Ann's Michigan (#8) or Ben's Harvard (#2), and is actually tied with Harriet Miers' SMU) to have ever interested Ann, but a crush can be a healthy thing, right? (The VOLConWife probably doesn't see it the same way, but let's keep this post progressing, shall we?) Besides, it's her wit, intellect, and unabashed conservatism - exhibited for everyone to see - that makes me admire Ann. Just read her latest column on the Miers debacle. I couldn't have said it better myself, except that Ann wasn't the "only conservative complaining about (the Roberts nomination." Even if she didn't recognize it, I was right next to Ann, complaining all the way.

Hello fellow Ann Coulter Fan I have a pic of her you may like take a look.The Blue Headline is a direct link to her website..

You meant to say...she's not as hot nor as cool as your wife, but she's pretty neat. Right?
Utah -

Looks like a Photoshop product, but not bad at all. I wonder if SayUncle has seen that one?

t. -

Uh, yeah. What is your definition of "pretty neat?" :)


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