Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Gov. Ernie Fletcher getting ripped in Kentucky; Race for Virginia Governor Goes Negative

SouthNow, the blog project of UNC's Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life, has a good summary of the problems Ernie Fletcher, Republican Governor of Kentucky, has run into lately. Fletcher left his cushy House seat in Kentucky's 6th District for the Governor's Mansion at the end of 2003. Given the GOP infighting and all of the indictments, one has to wonder if the good doctor (Fletcher practiced medicine for twelve years before delving into politics) wishes he was back in D.C. instead of Lexington.

SouthNow also has another interesting post on the closely-watched Virginia Governor's race. While the two party candidates (Kilgore for the GOP, Kaine for the Democrats) are finally sniping at each other, the real star of this post is a lesser-known candidate. After watching the ad for Independent candidate Russ Potts, I think SouthNow is not nearly critical enough in condemning this awful advertising effort. As Virginia blogger One Man's Trash posted regarding Bill Hillsman, who produced the ad for Potts:

"If this is the best ad genius Bill Hillsman can do, then Russ needs to cancel that check. Now."

Amen. I understand that Potts needs some help, as is the case for all Independent and other third-party candidates who lack automatic name recognition. I can't believe that this is the way to accomplish his goals. After watching the ad, I don't want to vote for Potts - I want to file motions with the court to have him and his supporters committed. Geez...

Meanwhile, One Man's Trash also breaks down some polling in Virginia that suggests Kilgore's once substantial lead has nearly evaporated. That is somewhat surprising, because Kilgore has good name recognition throughout the Commonwealth and the benefit of being able to pigeonhole Kaine with current tax-raising Governor Mark Warner. Of course, there is still over a month-and-a-half left until Election Day...

To give you an idea how the Virginia Gov race is going, I received an e-mail from Ken Mehlman today asking me to call people in Virginia and remind them to vote. Here is part of the email: "It's simple to help. We're asking you to make just 30 phone calls. Your phone calls to Republican voters in Virginia will remind them of the upcoming election, and the importance of voting for Jerry. If you agree to help, you'll be sent a short call list, a script and detailed instructions - everything you need to lend your needed support to Jerry. Just click here to participate. "
LargeBill -

You read my mind. I was just about to post Mehlman's letter, which I received via e-mail yesterday. I thought it interesting, as well. I know that NRA is also concerned about the momentum of this race.

By the way, your prize was placed in the mail this morning.


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