Tuesday, September 20, 2005


First Ever VOLuntarilyConservative Contest

OK, just for kicks, let's have a little contest. The first person to answer the questions below will receive a new copy of The ACLU vs. America, the recently released book by Craig Osten and Alan Sears. I have yet to read the book (I have another copy and will be examining it soon), but it has received good reviews from the likes of Agape Press. In any case, the questions are related to Tennessee history, with a specific focus on the State of Franklin. Answers can be left in the comments section.

1) What four North Carolina counties accepted the federal offer of cessation and formed the State of Franklin?

2) Who was elected as the first governor of the State of Franklin?

3) Which of the following occupations was exempt from serving as an officeholder of the State of Franklin?
a) a doctor
b) a farmer
c) a clergyman
d) a lawyer
e) C and D
f) A, C and D
g) All of the above

4) Who led the resistance to Franklin's autonomy and eventually captured Franklin's governor, holding him for trial?

5) Which East Tennessee city has the only monument in the United States dedicated to both the Confederate and Union armies?

6) What city served as Tennessee's capital for exactly one day, September 21, 1807?

7) The world's largest artificial skiing surface is located in what Tennessee city?

8) What Tennessee lake was formed by the largest earthquake in American history?

Good luck!!

Here goes nothing:
1. Sullivan, Washington, Greene, & Davidson
2. John Sevier
3. F
4. John Tipton
5. Greenville
6. Kingston
7. Gatlinburg
8. Reelfoot
Large Bill -

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

E-mail me your contact info (utlegaleagle-at-yahoo.com) and I will mail out the book tomorrow.


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