Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Thanks to all

First, I wanted to thank all of the bloggers who wished me a "Happy Birthday" this week. Especially touching was the recognition of The Undecided Philosopher, my friend of 16 years (over half of my life). All of the congratulations from y'all means more than you could possibly know (especially as I sit in Nashville sans family).

Blogging will continue to be light as I focus my efforts on the judicial training provided by the National Judicial College. Amongst other topics, today included a discussion of recent violence against judges. I have to admit that it was a bit unsettling, but not a complete surprise given the recent television models ("The Practice," "Boston Legal") for courtroom decorum.

Also of note - I had dinner this evening at Ted's Montana Grill. So who is Ted? Well, that would be Ted Turner. I managed to swallow my initial reaction not to provide patronage for Uncle Ted due to the unique menu. I have to give Ted's Montana Grill high marks. The service was a little disjunct, but the food was excellent and the atmosphere (complete with a Native American musician who played woodwind instruments that were surprisingly relaxing) innovative. I ordered the bison short ribs, which were tender and quite tasty. If you find yourself near the Vanderbilt campus on West End in Nashville, you could do worse than Ted's.

Rob...You're in my hood! I am literally no more than one mile from where you mentioned. You should check out the protest tonight at Centennial Park if you're still in the area. It's at 7:30. I'm going there to cover it.
Now, on the subject of violence towards judges. There is an amazing case you need to check out. It involves the killing of Federal Judge John Wood in San Antonio. The ubiquitous Chagra family (from El Paso) was (supposedly) behind that. Jimmy Chagra was to go on trial for drug charges, and (alledgedly) hired Charles Harrelson,(father of actor Woody Harrelson) to kill the judge. Harrelson was convicted of the murder. Interestingly enough, Jimmy got a change of venue, and was not convicted, though he served time for other matters. Jimmy's brother, Lee, was murdered on Xmas day in the mid 70s. This was all in El Paso.
Anyhow, I could go on and on about this case. I was just starting in journalism, and interviewed at one time or another the main characters in this dysfunctional play.
Anyhow, check out the murder of Federal Judge John Wood while you're at this conference. For what it's worth, Harrelson has said he is innocent, while bragging he was hired to kill Kennedy. It's quite a cast of characters!
Sharon -

Will the protest occur rain or shine? The McDonald's parking lot (below my balcony at the HI) is flooded, and Centennial Park looks pretty sloppy, too.


Hi Rob,
I just now got back. (Went out and partied after the "rally") There was a big crowd, but the rally was a joke...an absolute gift to conservatives. You are going to be sorry you missed it when I write about it. My side just hands your side fodder on a silver platter. UGH.
So the sheep followed the man who told them they had to leave the Parthenon steps while I refused saying I was on public property and I was there as a journalist and protected by the first. And he threatened to arrest me and I sat down with 6 others who told him we will remain non violent and to call the cops. He threw his hands up and walked away. Once again, liberals proved they can't act without someone telling them what to do. So the six of us stayed dry, then decided to leave after they ordered the crowd to move to yet another location and moved without questioning who was tellng them and why. You missed a really great opportunity to watch stupidity and cowardness in motion. Well...at least there were 6 of us who knew what to ask and refused to be intimidated.
It's getting very embarrassing to be a liberal these days. Please don't judge all liberals by the sheep who can't act on their own.
It gets even worse...but I'll write about it on my blog. I'm just glad I went on record yesterday saying this is all about Sheehan.
Ted's Montana Grill makes a damn fine maragarita. And onion rings. I don't eat mea, so that is all I had, but yummy on both accounts.
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