Thursday, August 04, 2005


Supreme Court nominee worked for free to help gay rights movement

A few people have asked why I haven't endorsed or come out against Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Well, the truth is that I am still reading information on the man (including the nearly 70 pages of responses to the Judiciary Committee), and more comes out everyday. This certainly added more questions than answers:

"Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. worked behind the scenes for gay rights activists, and his legal expertise helped them persuade the Supreme Court to issue a landmark 1996 ruling protecting people from discrimination because of their sexual orientation.

Then a lawyer specializing in appellate work, the conservative Roberts helped represent the gay rights activists as part of his law firm's pro bono work. He did not write the legal briefs or argue the case before the high court, but he was instrumental in reviewing filings and preparing oral arguments, according to several lawyers intimately involved in the case."

(From today's L.A. Times.)

I understand that most lawyers - especially when they start out in solo practice or are part of a big firm - have to take whatever cases that come through the door. That's not what happened here. You certainly have more freedom to choose who you do pro bono work for. Roberts' eagerness to help the gay rights movement win a landmark court ruling does not sit well with me, not only because of the homosexual protection issue, but because Romer v. Evans was a blow for states' rights advocates everywhere.

Every time I try to like the guy, something else brings me back to ground zero. I have to say, though, that I am starting to lean towards Ann Coulter.

UPDATE: Apparently Reed Heustis, a noted lawyer and member of the Constitutional Party, has come to his decision about Roberts. As is usual, Reed doesn't beat around the bush.

This is ironic. This is the first thing I've seen as to why I should support Roberts!

Please oh please never agree with Coulter. She's just plain mean!
And Michael Moore is kind Sharon?
Rob and I spoke about this issue briefly tonight at the Smokies game. As a well-established attorney at the time of his involvement with the gay rights case, Roberts could have taken any pro bono case he liked. Strangely, he chose this one. Why? This is an alarming development about this nominee’s past advocacy. Given what is at stake, conservatives cannot take any chances. This man will likely be on the Court for 30+ years. There should be consequences for poor decisions and there can be no question that Roberts’ affiliation with the gay rights agenda ranks up there at the top of the list.
Anonymous said...
And Michael Moore is kind Sharon?

Okay. You got me, there. (He's nice to me) Touche
I wonder what "Focus on the Family" thinks of John Roberts now.
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