Wednesday, August 10, 2005


NRA to back Democrat against DeWine?

It was reported in The Hill that the National Rifle Association, of which I am a member and former employee, is strongly considering an endorsement of Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan in a possible 2006 showdown with incumbent Republican Senator Mike DeWine.

Memo to Ohio Republicans: If you don't want to lose the Senate seat in the Buckeye State, you need to talk John Kasich into running - and fast. If Ryan is endorsed by the NRA, Kasich might not want to enter the race, and Ryan will win. If DeWine doesn't get out of the GOP primary, he won't be a factor in the general election. Judging by this recent story in the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Republicans have their an uphill climb in convincing Kasich to run.

An aside: Why in the world did The Hill solicit quotes from Gun Owners of America? Why not interview more NRA staff and members instead of wasting time with one of the chihuahua groups that tries to nip at the heels of the big-dog NRA? GOA is kinda "out there." Heck, GOA gave Bill Frist a "D" in 2003. Of course, to GOA's credit, they gave Harold Ford, Jr. an "F-." I didn't even know there was such a thing as an "F-," but if there is, Ford would certainly deserve it for his putrid record of firearm defense (NRA ratings over the past 3 elections: F, F, and D-).

In your opinion, was there any serious motivation for the NRA endorsing Schmidt over Hackett, besides wanting to back the projected winner?

Y'all ended up looking like a bunch of wimps who stood up for what was convenient, rather than for one of your own. You don't even need to have sources inside the Hackett campaign (I do) to see clear as day that Hackett was about as pro-gun as they come.

Maybe the GOA has simply come to represent what most pro-gun voters really believe, instead of being tied up in the (bipartisan) DC group-think. I haven't studied differences between the two, but GOA certainly seems a bit more direct and willing to challenge pols who don't follow talk with action.
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