Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Kurita ads

I noticed for the first time this morning that Rosalind Kurita, Democratic candidate for the 2006 U.S. Senate seat held by Bill Frist, has placed some ads on the Knoxville News-Sentinel's site. The ads link to Kurita's website, which is not a bad campaign site.

So much for Harold Ford, Jr.'s hopes that she wasn't a serious candidate.

I know a few sensible Democrats (those who think that Dean is a maniac and that the Clinton's are a disgrace), and I am eager to see what they think about Kurita's bid to upset Junior.

UPDATE: I have now seen the Kurita ads on the sites of the Tennessean, Memphis Commercial Appeal, and even Instapundit. She may not have the financial resources of Ford, but a coordinated advertising blitz at this stage is a bold move by the upset-minded Kurita.

Don't leave out my site,too! Adam made a comment about it because I don't use blogads, which is odd. I've always accepted advertising without them. Anyhow, her media people contacted me last week for a one week buy.(starting yesterday) And that's the name of that tune.
Sharon -

Sorry! The slight was not intentional, I assure you. I only noticed the other ads during a 3 A.M. jaunt through the newspapers (oh, the benefits of being an exhausted insomniac!).

I am amazed at Kurita's bold move here, though. The timing is excellent, too, because the quarterly filing with the FEC was NOT good news and my doubts as to the viability of her campaign escalated, but this sign that she plans to quarentine the Blogosphere and make it a Ford-free zone is an excellent gamble in my opinion.

She still needs to triple her name recognition by Christmas, though, if she has any designs on winning this primary.


She's also avertising on my blog, which is interesting given that my blog, rather obviously, will back the GOP nominee. But perhaps her media buyers noticed the avalance of negative Ford coverage on my blog.
Your numbers would account for a reason to buy on your blog. You know us liberals love you, too! :)

I am baffled, however, why the buyers bought on Raw Story...a site I LOVE, but is not geared at all toward Tennessee.
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