Thursday, August 11, 2005


Hilleary continues to repeat bad decisions

Several people - including a few notable bloggers - have told me that Van Hilleary isn't that bright. In fact, some people have used the word "stupid." My experiences with Van don't indicate that. It's not like I've discussed the intricacies of the judicial system or energy policy with Van (as I did with Ed Bryant a few years back), but I didn't come away from our brief meetings with the opinion that Van was stupid.

However, one has to question a man's intelligence who continues to hire the same polarizing individuals that lost him the last statewide race in which he was entered and basically angered nearly every conservative in East Tennessee that tried to help out that Hilleary campaign. Adam Groves has noticed that the Hilleary camp has added Jennifer Coxe to its staff. Awesome, Van. Together with Brad Todd, you have the makings of one awful campaign.

I remember standing in the rain with Van on Election Day in 2002 in Cedar Bluff. Republican after Republican came up to Van and told him that they were voting Democrat - some for the first time in their lives - because of the negative tone of his campaign - an element that can only be attributed to the top levels of Van's campaign. I was listening then. It's a shame that Van didn't hear those voters, because it is they who will determine this race.

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