Friday, August 05, 2005


Friday's Post of the Day

Mark Rose is today's winner, in a response to Nashville Is Talking's Brittney regarding taxation in Tennessee. Mark's post is lengthy, well-reasoned, and should be understood by all.

Brittney and her liberal cohorts attempt to attack a sales tax based on the label that it is "regressive." In a nutshell - if a sales tax was actually "regressive," and the Left keeps trying to label itself as "progressive," then I say give me "regressive" every day and twice on Sunday.

Just kidding, folks. Mark's argument really puts the rhetorical one offered by the pro-tax crowd to shame. Read the whole post.

Mark Rose's post was really well done.

But you cannot debate the fact that sales taxes are regressive. It isn't opinion.
Um, yes it is. What can be more fair than a tax everyone pays regardless of social strata? Fairness cannot be made 'relative'
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