Friday, August 26, 2005


Ford blames bloggers for his support of murdering rapist

Yep, it was all the work of that vast right wing conspiracy.

After all, it couldn't have been Harold Ford, Jr. Heck, it couldn't even have been the staff member that Ford also blames for sending out the letter supporting the release of murdering rapist hitman Phillip Michael Britt. (A staff member, by the way, who appears to still work for Ford, as there has been no announced firing.) Nope, it was TeamGOP, Blogging for Bryant, Bill Hobbs, VOLuntarilyConservative, and the other Tennessee political blogs, in conjunction with that GOP-controlled source, The Memphis Commercial Appeal, that are to blame for the idiocy surrounding Harold Ford, Jr. Right...

The campaigns of Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary have to be elated with the way this campaign is developing. Over the past 9 months, Ford has been supplying their campaigns with one great avenue of attack after another. Of course, I think that Ford's ridiculous campaign follies are really the result of a vast left wing conspiracy to hide Ford's liberal voting record and instead focus the issues on Ford's inept staff, his constant Kerry-like flip-flops, his exchanges with conservative bloggers, his insulting of American soldiers as "oil cops," his attack on the property rights of Tennesseans, etc.

Yep, it' all our fault. Yes, indeed.

Last time I check Rob, it is Congressman Ford who is talking about the real issues that face Tennessee and the nation. Other candidates should do the same.

Oh by the way, I would be happy to compare Congressman Ford's record to anyone elses.
No blame was ever placed on the GOP for the letter being sent. Ford acknowledged the mistake that his office (staffer) made, but asked that it stop being politicized. Get the facts straight before posting blog entries that are absolutely proposterous. Contorted headlines like this seriously make me sick.
This is outrageous. We should take Congressman Ford at his word. As he said in his second letter, the first letter was merely a form response to a constituent writing from prison. Ford has explicitly disavowed any endorsement of parole. The matter should end here.
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