Monday, August 01, 2005


Federalist Society Under the Microscope

Jason DeParle has an excellent look at the Federalist Society in today's New York Times. The story looks at how those who are/were members of it are being tarred and feathered by the Left. I was a member of the student chapter of the Federalist Society in law school, and I very well may renew my membership with the group and attend their National Lawyers Convention this November in D.C. I can assure you that there is no secret handshake (at least, not one that rank and file members know) or secret rituals like with Yale's Order of Skull and Bones. However, I do know some conservatives who have distanced themselves from the Federalist Society simply because they want to serve on the federal bench or make a run at politics in the future. Judging from some of the data in DeParle's piece, the bold move might have been the better choice for those people.

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