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Corker as Reagan? I think not...

After reading Nathan Moore's post equating Bob Corker to Ronald Reagan (yes, you read that right) and Blogging for Bryant's response, I decided to leave a comment for Mr. Moore regarding his original post. However, the comment took on a life of its own, so I decided to post it here so that it could be more easily read.


Nathan -

I keep waiting for some evidence that you are a conservative, as the tagline on MooreThoughts suggests. All I found was this laughable comparison of Bob Corker to Ronald Reagan.

While I am no expert on Bob Corker (he raises taxes, quotes from Planned Parenthood when asked about abortion, got really rich building Krystal drive-throughs, has liberal Democrats and trade unions funding his campaign, favored a state income tax, didn't pay taxes to the IRS for 2 years, and made Chattanooga the worst major city in Tennessee to start a business or career (according to Forbes Magazine) - what else do I need to know?), I do consider myself well-schooled when it comes to the life and times of President Reagan. To compare the two is simply absurd. Blogging for Bryant has a nice start, but even more is needed so that readers aren't confused as to what can be learned from a solid conservative like Mr. Reagan and how that differs from squishy moderates like Mr. Corker. I don't have the time to fisk this thoroughly, but I do have a few quick points:

- Regarding your example of Reagan's pro-choice vote – and yes, it can be summed up to one signed bill as California Governor - Reagan claimed that to be the worst decision he ever made in his career. Do you really want to compare Reagan's single vote with Corker's multiple tax increases?
- You obviously don't understand Reagan's 11th Commandment. However, you do use it like RINOs have in the past by taking it out of context.
- Victor Davis Hanson is a brilliant military historian and extremely knowledgeable in matters of foreign affairs, including the global war on terrorism. However, I wouldn't place his knowledge of political history or ideologies on the same level.
- To second Blogging for Bryant's assertion, implying that raising taxes and supporting abortion is a road to making one "Reaganesque" is disingenuous. At the least, it doesn't seem to back up your claim that Reagan is your "personal hero," if that is what you think of Reagan and you are, as you state, a "conservative." Of course, maybe you think that is what Reagan was about, which would explain your support of Bob Corker...

Also, Nathan, I am worried that you don't see a connection between campaign funding and voting records. You are either kidding yourself or have broken with reality.

Finally, praising Corker for Chattanooga's relatively low taxes is like having George H.W. Bush take the credit for all of Reagan's economic policy. When you look at someone's record in public service, look at the snapshot. When Bob Corker left office as the mayor of Chattanooga, taxes were higher than they were when he arrived. True conservatives don't raise taxes. I have to think that true conservatives should already know that.

You probably believe this to be heavy-handed coming from one who has worked for Republicans all of his life. For that, I apologize, but I figure that this is probably better coming from me than from others who wouldn't be so gentile. You stated a few months back that you have never had your "Republican credentials questioned." I want to be clear that you still haven't. I am certain that you are a Republican. After all, you are the leader of the Davidson County Young Republicans and attended a law school, George Mason, that has produced many fine conservative attorneys (an accomplishment not many institutions can claim). However, I have to question your claim of following "conservatism." I sincerely hope that you do eventually come back to our school of thought, if you have strayed from the path. However, my optimism is stunted by your support of Bob Corker, a candidate that does not represent the values of conservative Tennesseans and who is not Ronald Reagan.



When I first got into the blogging business, I wrote that I wasn't in this venture to make friends. It's the same in my political involvement and in life. You get my honest opinion, and it is up to you how you choose to react to my perspective. If I end up friendless and alone but conservative principles has won the day, then it was all worth it.

And I was in a really good mood this morning. However, when someone is critical of Reagan (which is basically the jest of Moore's post when read from a conservative's point of view) and backs Bob Corker's campaign but still claims to be a conservative, it raises my ire.

I mean, he might as well have signed off with "Roll Tide!"

MORE: More on this matter from Matt White.

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