Sunday, August 28, 2005


Changes to the Blogroll

I finally got around to making a few changes to the blogroll tonight. Besides lumping the few blogs that are on sabbatical together (until their triumphant return someday), a few new sites were added. In response to a request to add their site, I have added SouthNow, a blog project of the Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life at UNC-Chapel Hill. If you are interested in political issues and races beyond Big Orange Country, I recommend checking out SouthNow. I certainly plan to keep tabs on their North Carolina coverage, as there are only a few congressional districts within the Tar Hill State with which I am familiar.

Liberal blogger Sharon Cobb has also been added. Sharon may be a liberal, but she has been quite collegial with us conservatives. We may agree on very little, but she has been a fantastic example on how to remain a political activist but not have the "other side" hate you. (The blogging minions of Harold Ford, Jr., for instance, could learn some lessons from Sharon.) That being said, she is very passionate about several issues, and that is a good thing in life.

If anyone has additional blogs to add, feel free to suggest them. I (as many of my fellow bloggers) have been spread ridiculously thin as of late, and making additions to the blogroll without prodding falls somewhere on the "To-Do list" between rounding up tailgate materials for UT's first home game and vacuuming the floor mats of my car.

Hi Rob,
Thank you so much for the kind words! They are appreciated.
I wish you had been with us this afternoon for the lunch with Kurita. I think Bill Hobbs is doing a good service to all involved by holding a once a month meeting with a political candidate with conservative and liberal bloggers. To the best of my understanding, Ed Bryant is up next. I hope you can attend!
Thanks, again,
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