Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Alive and Kicking in Nashville - Part II

Yes, it's another week spent training in Nashville, so blogging will once again be light. Of course, if I have the time, I will post another link to a legal link and let all of the liberals with no legal training tell me how wrong the judges (and, vicariously, myself) are. That's been fun. Really.

The front page of the USA Today slid under my door at the Holiday Inn is complaining about the state of gas prices in America. It's sad that the national media may be more attuned to what concerns everyday Americans than our national politicians. Either those inside the Beltway 1) don't believe rising energy prices are hurting working Americans or 2) don't have any solutions. Both prospects are scary, but how about starting with suspending the gas tax for a period of time to provide some relief?


I agree with your suspension of the gas tax. It started out as a 3 cent per gallon tax to fund the construction of the interstate highway system (which is essentially completed) and now it is an 18.4 cent per gallon pork fund for fiscally irresponsible members of Congress.

As a candidate for U.S. Senate, I call for at least a reduction of the gas tax to say 8-10 cents per gallon and would consider opening up the oil reserve to help reduce prices and help keep the economy growing at a steady pace.

--Jeff Moder
U.S. Senate candidate
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