Saturday, July 23, 2005


Wave of Terror Attacks Spreads to Egypt

I may have planned to take the weekend off, but the terrorists sure didn't mind working overtime. Car bombs were the vehicles of destruction for the terrorists this time, targeting a popular Egyptian tourist destination frequented by Europeans and Israelis. This attack has proven to be more deadly than the two London bombings combined, with one report now stating that the majority of the dead are Britons.

Syd and Vaughn over at The Asylum have this message for the terrorists:

"The more innocents you bomb, the more this world will turn against you. Britain is not going to wilt under your attacks. Nor will the US. You are losing the war in Iraq, and you continuously show your desperation when you attack civilians. You cannot win this war by taking such actions. It will only reinforce the resolve of nations that stand for freedom, or those that are embracing freedom... The US and her allies are going to finish the job that we joined on 9/12. We will not waver from our job, which is to put an end to this menace now before it becomes a larger plague for future generations. But until that day comes, we will have to endure the cowardly, barbaric acts perpetrated by a group of people that have refused to evolve past the Seventh Century."

Here, here. Kinda gives me goosebumps, guys.

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