Friday, July 22, 2005


Suspected terrorist killed in London Underground station

London police chased, captured, and eventually killed a suspected terrorist today in London's Stockwell Underground station. My first reaction was: how did they shoot him? When I lived in Great Britain, the police never had guns and were - for all intents and purposes - useless. Apparently, unarmed police are still the norm in Britain, but at least one of the cops involved in this affair was part of a "special forces" branch.

It will be interesting to see how the British people react and how the British media spin this death. Will they play up the outrage and horrors of the commuters who had to watch a man die, even if he had a bomb strapped to his belt (as one report has stated)? Or will they trumpet that a terrorist was killed before he could kill innocent people, that the police that are supposed to protect and serve did just that? I fear that Americans would have both reactions, with the extreme Left believing the former and the rest of us praising the latter.

MORE: John Walter has an excellent post on the terrorist's demise.

Given that the pathetic, leftist British media will not even refer to these lifeless pieces of trash as “terrorists”, I would hardly expect them to praise the justifiable killing of one of their own.
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