Saturday, July 23, 2005


Re-run post: Vacation destination

** Since it's the weekend and hot as blazes here in KnoxVegas, I thought I would run this post again for my father. Confused? That's OK, because I don't really need a reason to run the post again, now do I?

I spoke to my father this past Saturday, and he told me that many of the weeks at his condo on Hilton Head Island are already spoken for from now until the end of 2006. The condo is in Shipyard Plantation on the 6th fairway of the Brigantine course, and there is no other place that my wife and I vacation. With Van der Meer's tennis, Wild Wings Cafe (where my father, brother-in-law, The Undecided Philosopher, and myself still hold the all-time four-man team wing eating record), several rounds at Legendary Golf mini golf, and a trip to Harbour Town, there is plenty to do on the island. Yes, there are some very nice golf courses both on and off the island, but that's just the problem for me. I would hate to tear up those beautiful courses. I'm not sure what would suffer the most damage - the course, my handicap (which the computer program says is an 18, but I'm not buying it), or my pride. Hilton Head is great, though, because with all of that outstanding food on the island, one needs as many activity options as possible.

Anyway, the weeks that my father still has available are:

September 24 - October 1
October 1 - October 8

February 4 - February 11
February 11 - February 18
May 27 - June 3
September 16 - September 23
September 23 - September 30

Let him know that you found his website through VOLuntarilyConservative. His rates are already below the average Hilton Head fare, and he might cut you a discount if you mention the site. (It's worth a try, right?)

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