Monday, July 25, 2005


Poll Time!

If you like to take part in polls, here are a few that might you might be interested in. First, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is asking for GOP opinions on immigration. I have already taken part in that poll, and while the poll is a bit slanted in how the questions are asked, I don't believe I gave Frist the exact answers he was looking for (although they were probably mighty close.)

Also, there is a poll being administered at Patrick Ruffini's site regarding the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination. The choices are an interesting cross-section - two conservative Senators (Allen, Frist), two leading RINOs (McCain, Giuliani), and one Northern Senator who is all over the map (Romney). Depending on the results, I might run a poll of my own here soon with all conservative candidates, as I feel the RINOs have no chance for the nomination under normal circumstances. We'll see.

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