Thursday, July 14, 2005


The Open Championship begins...

Yes, it is very early in the morning here in the States, but the only "major" golf tournament not played on American soil has begun. The Open Championship is at The Old Course at St. Andrews - easily one of my favorite courses on the planet. I have a tam-o'-shanter and visor from St. Andrews - both of which are commonplace when I have the time to play 18. I wasn't able to play the course while I lived in Great Britain (I was a bit too young at the time), but I walked a few of the ocean holes (including the "valley of sin" on the historic 18th) during a day when play was suspended. There is nothing in the States that compares to St. Andrews.

Coverage doesn't start on TNT for 2 1/2 hours, so I will have to be content with the occasional peak at the scoreboard on Although only a few groups have played many holes, it appears that the Americans are not as dominant as they have been in past decades. My main focus is on one American, though. I just want to see Jack Nicklaus make the cut. He's currently at even par, only three shots off the lead, so I am cautiously optimistic. Jack is my second favorite golfer of all-time, right after Payne Stewart and ahead of Lee Trevino. If this really is Jack's last hurrah, I want him to go out in style.

After that, as long as Tiger Woods doesn't win, I'll be happy. I'd rather one of those pompous Euros won it than Woods, if for no other reason than I wouldn't have to hear the talking heads at ESPN drool over Woods like they did at The Masters. Wasn't it great back in the good ole days when it was only the fans that chose sides?

I'm sorry to read that you don't appreciate the superlative play of Tiger Woods. The "talking heads" are simply sitting back like most of the rest of the world and enjoying the greatest display of sporting excellence since Jordan and the greatest display of golfing excellence since Nicklaus. Get off of the Tiger bashing and enjoy the show he's putting on, because this sort of talent usually only comes along once in a lifetime.
Anonymous -

I have nothing but praise for Tiger's talent. It's Tiger's childish behavior on the course that I dispise. God has granted him awesome talent, but he fails to show appreciation for that talent by acting like a champion on the course. Heck, he fails to act like an adult, much less a champion. I know what I'm talking about because I fail to act like an adult on the golf course much of the time. I want someone to root for that is a better man than I, not a poor equal. That is why I have much more appreciation for Goosen, Singh, and Couples than Woods.


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