Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Multiple sources: Bush taps Roberts for Supreme Court

Looks like we were all wrong. Multiple sources, including FoxNews, CNN, and the Supreme Court Nomination Blog, are all reporting that President Bush has tapped Judge John Roberts for the U.S. Supreme Court.

My initial reaction is that Bush has made the same mistake as his father in appointing a relative unknown with little judicial history to the Supreme Court. However, Roberts has what - in the language of the NFL draft - is termed "high upside." The guy could be a reliable conservative, or he could be a complete bust. I'll have more on this later after I've had some time to chew on the reality of this appointment.

Wow! You think the Whitehouse did some fine misdirection on this play? Rumors were circulating on just about everyone but Roberts. It looks like Karl Rove hasn't allowed the Plame affair to throw him off stride even a little bit. And I think the Dems are simply stunned-- shock and awe. Shoot, I haven't been this fired-up since the Army and Marines crossed the line of departure into Iraq!
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