Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hot rumor

Things have been a bit slow lately, and maybe that is why I am excited about something that - to this point - is only a rumor. Blogging for Bryant has heard from numerous sources that Van Hilleary may be dropping out of the 2006 Senate race and instead focusing his resources on obtaining Bart Gordon's 6th District seat in Congress.

I have often wondered why the GOP hasn't targeted Gordon in the increasingly Republican 6th. He hasn't faced real opposition since 1996, and that was a rematch of the fight with Steve Gill. Given Gordon's 0% rating on immigration issues by the Federation for Immigration Reform and the resonance that issue has recently shown with Tennesseans, I imagine that Gordon would be fairly vulnerable against a name candidate with a conservative record and decent fundraising capabilities.

More on this to come...

This rumor began circulating among TN Republicans in Washington, DC today. Sounds credible.
I wonder if the Washington rumor is fueled by Gordon talking about retiring (i.e. becoming a lobbyist) up there?
If Van is smart, he'll challenge Gordon before Steve Gill does again. (Is a Gill/Hilleary primary a possibility? Wow!)
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