Friday, July 01, 2005


Harold Ford, Jr. on Steve Gill this morning

Jeff Harwell at SouthTennBlog has an excellent round-up and analysis of what Harold Ford, Jr. had to say this morning on Steve Gill's show. Jeff shows how difficult Ford finds it to take a position on even the simplest of issues. However, I come to a different conclusion about Ford's double-talk than Jeff.

Lots of folks like to describe Ford as "likeable" and "charismatic." From the moment I first met the man (many, many years ago), one word came to mind - "slimy." Junior is the kind of man that brings a bad name to politicians - the kind of man that tries to be all things to all people, never taking a stand, always trying to be the great appeaser. John Kerry did that poorly. Bill Clinton did that well. Ford also does that well, but if it will lead to success - and the United States Senate - remains to be seen.

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