Friday, July 22, 2005


The Fox guarding the Henhouse

I have taken little interest in the proposed ethics reform in Nashville, the reason being that I don't believe Governor Bredesen or the General Assembly being remotely capable of putting any meaningful reforms in place. However, this story in the Tennessean about Rep. Kim McMillan, the leader of the House Ethics Committee, taking a new position with Boult Cummings, a law firm that deals heavily in lobbying, is begging for comment. McMillan, of course, sees nothing wrong with her new job, saying that she has to work because being in the General Assembly doesn't pay enough. And McMillan's right about the latter point, because this is a citizen legislature. She should be allowed to work at Boult Cummings - as soon as she resigns from her elected position. To do otherwise makes her nothing more than the crooked state-level politicians that we expect here in Tennessee - with most of the guilty being from the Democratic side of the aisle.

Mark Rose also has comments on the story.

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