Friday, July 01, 2005


Busy week

My apologies for the lack of posting during this busy week. Some time has been cleared in the future, as the church-league softball season has come to an end. Immanuel Baptist Church, in our first year of competition in over 30 years, played tough, ending the season with a 7-10 mark. That was more than satisfactory, given that we entered the season with the hopes of winning just one game. On a personal note, I had a mixed bag of results. My main goal was to hit for a better average than I did in the Congressional League last year (.545), and I accomplished that with my .763 average. My home runs were up slightly (from 3 to 4), but my fielding - my pride and joy - was horrid. I was playing out of position in the outfield (my first time there since I was 10 years old), but I make no excuses. I should have played better.

The best part of the whole experience was the fellowship with my fellow church members. To be more specific, I especially enjoyed roaming the outfield next to my brother-in-law. He is a real ballplayer - not the weekend warrior as I have become - and it was an honor and a privilege to play on the same team as him. This might be my last season of competitive softball (my "play for blood" attitude that was so beneficial in high school and college doesn't translate very well to this particular church league), but if it is, it was nice to go out with a true positive experience.

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