Tuesday, July 19, 2005


BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court nominee announcement tonight

FoxNews is reporting that President Bush will announce his first Supreme Court nominee at 9 P.M. tonight in a televised news conference. If the buzz is correct and Bush is set to elevate Judge Edith Brown Clement to the High Court, then is apparent that the son is revisiting the sins of the father. (Or is it that the apple doesn't fall far from the Souter?) I have heard that some liberals are nervous about Clement. Why should they be? It's not like Bush is nominating a conservative (like Luttig, Alito, Jones, or Wilkinson) or anything...

MORE: Glen Dean seems to be OK with this since Clement is a member of the Federalist Society, which is a legal group dedicated to originalist thought (and of which I was a member in law school). Of course, just because Michael Moore is a lifetime member of the NRA doesn't mean that he is lockstep with their goals of Second Amendment protections. As Moore has proven, sometimes joins a group for credibility, as Moore has done.

I'm quite astonished, really. This is the best that the Bush Administration can do with 55-months of prep-time?!?! As I have written before, this is my last dance with Bush if he steps on my toes again. Plus, the groups that have been touting their involvement in the process - including ACLJ and Heritage Foundation - will be held just as culpable. Of course, I am really starting to wonder if there will be anyone in a position of power inside the beltway during the last two years of Bush's second term who didn't have something to do with the oil industry (as Clement did).

EVEN MORE: Hugh Hewitt says that I am wrong, that Clement is a conservative. Yes, some of her opinions seem to suggest that, but she is RINO-squishy on pro-life issues, which is generally a tell (to use poker slang) on other inconsistencies with conservative thought. Also, I found some rankings from the Washington Legal Foundation (mentioned in this CNN Money report)that scored the potential SCOTUS nominees on their friendliness to corporate America. The top two on the list? John Roberts and Edith Brown Clement.

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