Friday, July 01, 2005


BREAKING NEWS: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retires

As is being widely reported (Supreme Court Nomination Blog, FoxNews, CNN, Michael Silence, Instapundit), Sandra Day O'Connor has informed President Bush of her intentions to retire as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, effective with the appointment and confirmation of her replacement. My feelings regarding who that replacement should be have been duly noted.

The Supreme Court Nomination Blog is reporting that President Bush will be making a statement shortly. The statement has surely been crafted for quite a while, for, as I wrote earlier, it was easy to see this one coming.

UPDATE: No doubt who FoxNews wants as the new justice. They are pushing Edith Jones and Janet Rogers Brown ad nauseam, most assuredly because they want to see a female replaced with a female. (Surely some must see the irony in a "conservative news source" pushing what amounts to affirmative action in the judiciary.) I have no problems with Jones, but Brown has no experience as an appellate judge. If this process really is about placing the best judge on the Court and not about ease of confirmation, Brown shouldn't be considered.

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