Friday, July 29, 2005


BREAKING NEWS: Firearm Manufacturer Protection Bill Passes

The vote wasn't really all that close (65 for, 31 against), as some Democrats actually voted in favor of the measure. I am still trying to run down all of the amendments, but I believe that Senator Kennedy's attempt to ban all hollow point ammunition was essentially replaced by an amendment by Senator Larry Craig (who also sits on the NRA's Board of Directors) that increased criminal penalties for crimes aimed at police using hollow points. Again, I will try to run down all of the specifics, but it appears that today was a victory for the good guys.

Might be a great start to a fantastic weekend...

UPDATE: I have confirmed that the Kennedy amendment was resoundingly defeated, despite the best efforts of Hillary Clinton, who voted for the amendment but against the final bill passage.

I guess Hillary's attempts to look moderate for 2008 can only go so far...

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