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Blogpoll: 2006 TN Governor's Race

Blogging for Bryant has initiated a multi-blog straw poll - perhaps the first of its kind - regarding the 2006 Tennessee Governor's Race. This site was one of ten blogs that was invited to take part, and VOLuntarilyConservative has agreed to participate in this potentially historic event, with the poll remaining on this site through its closing next Tuesday. I have inserted the poll in the sidebar to the left (albeit crudely, as I am ever the novice when it comes to manipulating the Blogger template) so that readers will not have to scroll far to find it.

Considering the extensive amount of time that it will take to lay out the myriad of failures that Governor Bredesen has laid on this state, it is about time that the GOP got around to picking a candidate.

All of the Senate candidates, minus Ed? Any particular reason he was left out. He's probably as disinterested as the rest of them. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Ed can not win this primary at the current pace. When are the most recent disclosures available for viewing?
Anonymous -

It's a shame that you apparently equate winning an election with fundraising. I tend to lean more towards polling than fundraising, but you can go right on ahead with the notion that elections are bought and not won with ideas and character.


I am very cognizant of the fact that Ed's polling numbers are strong. I am, and you should be as well, aware that those numbers mean very little this far out. They are name ID polls and they show what everyone expected. It is obvious that Ed is aware that the other candidates are making ground quickly and will pass him soon. That explains the constant flailing on the part of his campaign. Swinging away at every other candidate in the race will not win the seat for Bryant. What do those numbers look like from the other nights disclosures?
Anonymous -

"They are name ID polls and they show what everyone expected."

Really? Why would that be the case? Van Hilleary's campaign is making sure that everyone knows how great it was that their candidate lost by only 50,000 votes in the most recent race of any of the 2006 GOP hopefuls. If anyone should have led the polling based on the most recent race, it should be Van. If anyone should be leading the polling based on money, it should be Bob. Apparently, voters identify with Ed's conservative message, and THAT is why he is leading the polls.

Since there are no polls (NONE, ZIP, NADA) that back up your contention that Ed Bryant is "making ground quickly and will pass him soon." As you should be aware, I require comments to have actual factual basis.

And what, pray tell, makes you allege that Ed's campaign is "flailing?" All I see is a campaign - one that Bob Corker wanted to be as long as possible so that he could clear the field with his enormous bank account - that is vigorous. I would hope it would be such. The winner gets to represent the Great State of Tennessee in the United States Senate. I would hope that the candidates would show some heart in fighting for it.


"If anyone should have led the polling based on the most recent race, it should be Van."

Rob, you are a smart guy. What do these results tell you?

Hilleary- 31%
Bryant- 18%
Corker- 8%
Harwell- 2%

(By the way, these are factual basis, based on Hilleary's website. Thanks for clearing up the confusion of whether or not most of this was fantasy though)

These are the results from one of the "polls" out there. This early in the race its ridiculous to think any of the results indicate anything other than name ID. Does anyone believe the race would shake out like this? I'm sure there are some people, but I would venture to say the rest of this poll indicates Van's negatives are through the roof in Republican saturated East TN.
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