Thursday, July 07, 2005


Al-Queda attacks London

As many of you undoubtedly know by now, London has been hit with a wave of terrorist attacks focusing on their public transportation system. I first saw this hit the net at the FoxNews website around 5:35 A.M. and have been watching the cable news networks ever since. (FoxNews, of course, has the best coverage, given Rupert Murdoch's ownership of both Fox and SKY.) Tony Blair looked a bit shaken in his first statement from Scotland after the attacks, but that is to be expected since the statement came only an hour and 45 minutes after the attacks took place.

As I have mentioned on this site before, I used to live in Great Britain. I have visited many of the locales that today are the scenes of tragedy. My prayers go out to those who have been directly harmed by the cowardice of these murderers. Efforts should be focused on recovery, rescue, and damage assessment. After that is complete and after we have mourned for those who have perished, we will again bring this fight to Al-Queda and those who lie with that weakened organization. Their time is on this earth is almost up.

MORE: Josh Trevino (of RedState) is currently in Scotland on his way to London. Josh and I have differed on the state of the GOP, but we are in total agreement on what is going on in London, who is responsible, and what must happen to right the wrongs that were afflicted this morning.

EVEN MORE: An excellent account of the "terror" of "terrorism" from 2L Columbia Law student Anthony Rickey, who is spending the summer working in London. (Hat tip: Dark Bilious Vapors.) It brings back anxious memories of 9/11, when my wife-to-be (then only a friend) lived between the Pentagon and White House.

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