Monday, June 13, 2005


Supreme Court vacancy news

Andy Schlafly on WorldNetDaily has a damning profile of Judge Michael McConnell, considered by many to be one of the top three choices to replace a retiring Supreme Court justice this summer. Equating anyone to Souter is enough to rally the conservative troops against McConnell.

Meanwhile, Rodger Citron believes that a politician is needed to lead the Supreme Court after Rehnquist is no longer Chief Justice. I certainly hope that he doesn't believe that using O'Connor as an example will sway those in Bush's base that this is a good idea.

Further research shows that McConnell is even worse that I expected. Here a section of his sworn statement to the U.S. Senate during his confirmation hearings:

"At the time Roe v. Wade came down, it was striking the statutes of at least 45, if not all 50 of the States of the Union. Today it is much more reflective of the consensus of the American people on the subject.

I believe that the doctrinal analysis offered in Planned Parenthood v.Casey has connected the right much more persuasively to traditional legal materials, and then the weight of stare decisis simply indicates that this is an issue that is settled. It is as thoroughly settled as any issue in current constitutional law."

Can you believe this??? McConnell creates the appearance of being against Roe yet insists it must be preserved in the name of "stare decisis"!
Andy -

I am probably more alarmed that so many religious conservatives are still behind McConnell even after these remarks and stories are making news. People say some grossly hypocritical things when in front of the Senate Judiciary, but who would want someone scared of telling the truth to Ted Kennedy sitting behind the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court for the rest of their natural life?

These nominations are vehicles (along with national security) that the Bush Administration can leave a lasting legacy - the one thing that Bill Clinton wanted and didn't come close to achieving. They are too precious to waste on flip-floppers and appeasers.

Thanks for the great comment!


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