Thursday, June 09, 2005


A second-generation Instaspawn?

As I made clear in my first post back in April, this site would not exist if not for the influence of my former professor, Glenn Reynolds. I was told that made me one of the myriad of blogs called "Instaspawn" - the blog children of the Instapundit. Well, I have inspired my best friend and fellow Tennessean, Ben Lawson, to create his own blog, The Undecided Philosopher. That would make Ben's site second-generation Instaspawn in my estimation, as well as first-generation VOLspawn (which sounds kinda cool, too).

A word for my fellow conservatives - Ben and I are not aligned politically. That we have been best friends for going on two decades now (Lord, I'm getting old) is a tribute to a lot of understanding and a strong friendship, because we rarely support the same candidates during elections. We have enough common ground (a belief in the Holy Trinity, respect for the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States, and allegiance to The University of Tennessee Volunteers being the foundation for any quality friendship) that we try to work around the differences in our points of view. So check out The Undecided Philosopher when you get the chance. I have blogrolled the site, and I wish my friend luck in his new outlet.

Thank you for the support my friend...
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